In the dead of the night on Friday 13th August, 2010 – launched. We didn’t run out onto the streets screaming loudly, nor did we plaster every billboard up and down the country with details of who we are and what we have to offer you.

Instead we just …. let it go. Like a white dove being released into the sky to find out all of the beautiful wonders of the world.

This is the only notification that we are giving.

We will, of course, begin to slowly ramp things up over time. What we need right now is stability and steady growth. Not a rapid influx of what we like to call “in and outers”. The people who rush in to find out what the site is about and never really want to use it or contribute to the community.

Take the step, signup and get started with your new – social – diet management system.

And give us feedback!! Let us know what you like and dislike. That way we can make the site better with new features.

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